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Product Care

Dried flowers are very low maintenance, there are just a couple of things you need to know that will keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Keep flowers dry -

Unlike fresh flowers, dried and preserved flowers do not like water. It can make their stems weak and the colour may run if they are dyed or painted blooms. 

Avoid rooms with excess moisture in the air, such as bathrooms, as the moisture can absorb into the stems.

Avoid direct sunlight - 

Dried flowers will naturally fade over time, especially if they are kept on a window ledge in direct sunlight. This is completely normal and in most cases adds to their rustic charm.

Handle with care -

Dried flowers can be delicate, and become more fragile over time. Therefore a little 'shedding' may occur. 

To reduce this, make sure you place your flowers somewhere where they are unlikely to be knocked, especially by little people or fluffy friends!

And that's it really! Look after your flowers by following these basic rules and they will continue to bring you joy for months and possibly even years!

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